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Georgia: 18.03.2011 3 million euros for return of Georgian citizens illegally residing in the EU countries

The EU has allocated 3 million EUR for the project “Targeted initiatives for Georgia – to support the integration of Georgian migrants returning to the country and implementation of the EU-Georgia agreements on readmission” which aims at ensuring the effective management of migration.

The project presented today in Tbilisi will strengthen the capacity of the Georgian authorities with a view to returning migrants and their reintegration in their homeland. The project covers three main areas: strengthening the capacity of the legal framework on migration; assistance to migrants and organisation of information campaigns on legal migration opportunities and risks of irregular migration. The project envisages the establishment of employment and consulting centres, trainings, consultations in the field of employment and assistance in starting a small business.

UE – Georgia; photo by kgbbristol

UE – Georgia; photo by kgbbristol

Philip Dimitrov, head of the EU Delegation in Georgia said the Georgia-EU agreements on visa facilitation and readmission that entered into force on 1 March 2011 are “the two sides of one coin.” Dimitrov stressed that it is impossible to successfully implement one of these agreements without the successful implementation of the other. “Otherwise, Georgia will face the closed doors of Europe. All who are in the EU must be there legally,” he added.