European Commission rules to advance Moldova to second phase of dialogue on visas

The European Commission (EC) has decided to advance Moldova to the second phase of the dialogue on visa free regime, Prime Minister Vlad Filat said at a meeting with EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmstrom in Brussels today, according to the government’s communication and press relations department.

After the meeting, Vlad Filat and Cecilia Malmstrom signed an agreement on the amendment of the Moldova-EU accord on visa regime facilitation, and made press statements.

The EU commissioner said the document signed today represents another step forward for the Moldovan citizens who will travel to Europe. Cecilia Malmstrom emphasized that the amendments operated to the Agreement on Visa Regime Facilitation with the EU are aimed at extending the facilities for getting visas, especially as regards the visa application procedures; widening the categories of citizens that may benefit from tax exemptions; simplifying visa issuance procedures with multiple entries for certain categories of citizens, among whom representatives of the civil society, business people, students and researchers, as well as the abolition of visas for business passport holders.

The commissioner voiced confidence that this agreement will be initialed and will enter into force by late 2012.

Cecilia Malmstrom also said she will soon present a progress report on the implementation of the first phase of the Action Plan on Visa Free Regime (PAVL). The report includes also a decision by the European Commission on the shift to the assessment of the second phase. The European commissioner welcomed Moldova’s effort to this end, and underlined the importance of the enforcement of the passed laws. She said Moldova made outstanding progress in the dialogue on the visa free regime for the Moldovan citizens.

For his part, the prime minister appreciated the intensity of the Moldova-EU cooperation in the justice area, and ensuring the law order, and particularly the quality and speed of the dialogue on visa regime liberalization.

Vlad Filat welcomed the progress report of the European Commission on the implementation of the first stage of the action plan on visas and the appreciations given for the results achieved by Moldova in this context. Also, he praised the EC’s decision on the advancement to the second phase of the PAVL. “I assure you that we will be equally active, quick and will have results while implementing the second phase,” the prime minister stressed.

As for the signing of the agreement on the amendment of the Visa Regime Facilitation Accord with the EU, Vlad Filat said all these represent an important step towards the attaining of the objective of visa free regime for the Moldovans.

The prime minister thanked for the constant support of the European bodies in the process of Moldova’s integration into the EU. He gave assurances that Moldova will continue fulfilling the assumed commitments at the same pace.

Source: Moldpres