Posted on 08.08.2012 in News, Ukraine

Polish Consulate in Lutsk sold Schengen visas for 300-900 euros

Officers of the consulate of Poland in Lutsk, together with local entrepreneurs organized criminal group, which has been engaged for two years in “almost exclusive” selling Polish visas, which cost from approximately 300 up to even 900 euros.

The agency’s interlocutor noted that in this group  is i.e.the main visa consul in Lutsk and the entrepreneur, whom the consulate rents space, noting that it is commonly known  information.

“The society is surprised that only now  this scandal arose, because everyone in Lutsk knows where and for how much you can get a visa” – said the source.

He noted that citizens have repeatedly informed about the corruption in Lutsk consulate among its employees and Polish journalists, noting that the relevant documentary evidence are in Ukrainian law enforcers hands. The agency’s interlocutor said that the group gave out visas not only to Ukrainians but also to foreigners who do not live in Ukraine, among whom he remembered the Afghans, Chechens, Iranians and people of Africa.

“The issuance of illegal visas  has been put on the flow and almost completely monopolized the market of thousands of euros a day,” – said the interlocutor.

 “It was never impossible to issue a visa, for money – you could do everything,” – he added.

According to the source, the three-month Schengen visa cost an average 300 euros, for six months – 450 euros, and the annual – from 600 to 900 euros.

The man noted that the consul involved in the case is in the age of retirement, despite he continues to work on the post,  while the other consuls, who came to work in Lutsk, after a while of unknown reasons, were transferred to other posts.

“There were rumors that they come into conflict with the visa consul” – said the source.

Poland has traditionally issued most of the visas to all 26 states of the Schengen area to Ukrainians. The official fee for citizens of Ukraine  is from 20 to 35 euros, depending on whether it is national or Schengen visa.  Last year,  seven of the Polish consulates in Ukraine issued 570,000 visas, half of which has been issued by the office in Lviv, and the second place in number of issued visas has taken the Consulate in Lutsk.

The case went to the prosecution few days ago and before that Polish border guards carried out an inspection in the consulate.

Source: UNIAN