Posted on 25.09.2012 in News, Ukraine

Parliament amends Ukrainian law on powers of central executive migration bodies

The Ukrainian parliament has agreed with the president’s proposals, and introduced amendments to Ukrainian laws on the powers of the central executive body carrying out state policy in the sphere of migration and foreign relations.

A total of 264 MPs supported the law.

The MPs in particular agreed with the president’s proposal on the registration of the passport of a Ukrainian citizen to exit the country. According to the adopted first version of the law, the passport can be registered until the person reaches the age of 18 years “in exceptional cases: in the presence of the demands of the country to which a person travels, or demands of an international organization that sends a person abroad to participate in certain events, and also in the case of the departure abroad for permanent residence of a Ukrainian child adopted by foreigners.”

The law foresees that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine defines the procedure of registration, issuing, exchange, returning, withdrawal, destruction, or recognition of the invalidity of a passport of a Ukrainian citizen going abroad, while “blanks of the passports of Ukrainian citizens for departure abroad are made on the order of the central executive body implementing state policy on citizenship.”

Source: KyivPost