Eu Parliament Criticizes Armenia and Welcomes Azerbaijan’s Move to Ease Visa Rules

On 12 December, the European Parliament adopted a resolution “On results of the Vilnius Summit and the future of the Eastern Partnership.”

“The European Parliament welcomes the signing of the agreement on simplification of visa regime between the EU and Azerbaijan,” it says in a resolution.

The document also notes that the European Parliament is concerned about the arrest of opposition activists in the country. It also addresses the need to ensure activities of independent media and NGOs in the country.

The European Parliament also urges the Azerbaijani Parliament to reconsider its decision to suspend its participation in the Parliamentary Assembly Euronest following the resolution dated October 23, 2013.

The resolution also emphasizes Armenia’s decision to join the Customs Union.

“The European Parliament deplores the fact that after following more than three years of successful negotiations on an Association Agreement, including a deep and comprehensive trade area (DCFTA), the Armenian authorities, under pressure from Russia, decided instead to join the Customs Union,” the document says.

The European Parliament reminds the Armenian authorities that protests and demonstrations against this decision are the expression of the free will of the citizens of the country and that they must be respected in accordance with international obligations that Armenia has undertaken to perform.

“The European Parliament reiterates in this connection that the harassment and detention is a violation of the rights of assembly and expression, and that repressive measures are contrary to the recent rhetoric of commitment to common values with the EU and calls on the government of Armenia to establish a large dialogue with civil society in direction of the country’s future,” the document says.


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