Posted on 08.05.2017 in Georgia, Latest, News

First month of Georgian visa waiver: preliminary stats

Between March 28 (introduction of the visa-free regime between Georgia and the European Union) and April 27, 11,700 citizens of Georgia travelled visa-free in Schengen area and only 26 people were denied entry at the border, reports

Chairman of Georgian Parliamentary Committee for European Integration Tamar Khulordava said all cases of denial were “related to objective circumstances – improper documentation and unbiased decisions”.

Also she stressed the neccessity to further informing people about the visa-free regime.

“I think we should continue to work actively to inform the public about the visa-free regime – what rights they have and what documentation they need to take with them. As for how well we are fulfilling the terms of the regime, it is impossible to say yet – as you know the period of the three-month short-term visit has not passed yet. Consequently, after 90 days we will know how many of our citizens have abided by this requirement”, she said.