Posted on 07.06.2011


We, the members of the Coalition, believe that for the security of our continent and for the continued democratic transformation and modernisation in Eastern Europe — a process to which people–to–people contacts are vital — effective action is needed linking the demands for implementation of reforms with a clear perspective of visa abolition.

The coalition will contribute to policy processes leading as quickly as possible towards achieving Visa-free Europe. We welcome the liberalisation of visa requirements for five Western Balkan countries, which underlines both the need for and the real possibility of extending this achievement to the rest of Europe. In our activities we focus on the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) as well as Russia.

We believe that this form of cooperation will help us to:

  • strengthen our stand, by demonstrating wide international support for visa-free movement for Eastern neighbors;
  • bridge different kinds of research projects, advocacy and monitoring activities related to visa liberalization (including knowledge and practice sharing, information flow);
  • provide reliable information about the visa-liberalisation process, bust myths as well as develop arguments for the liberalisation;
  • enable quick transfer of “visa-related information”, foster debate and raise awareness about the liberalisation of visa regime for the EaP countries an Russia.