Other documents - Ukraine

Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the European Communities and their Member States, and Ukraine
1 March 1998
The PCA highlights respect for shared fundamental values as an essential element of the EU-Ukraine relationship. It provides a framework for political dialogue; sets the principal common objectives in terms of promotion of trade and investment, harmonious economic relations, sustainable development, economic, social, financial, civil scientific technological and cultural co-operation, and support to Ukraine’s efforts to consolidate its democracy and develop its economy. The PCA also established an institutional framework for pursuing these goals. The Economic relations of the PCA include provisions on MFN, Steel & textile, freedom for establishment, approximation of legislation, Intellectual Property Rights and Trade defense instruments.

PROTOCOL to the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the European Communities and their Member States, of the one part, and Ukraine, of the other part, on a Framework Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine on the general principles for the participation of Ukraine in Union programmes
“(4) The Council, on 5 March 2007, expressed support for the general and global approach outlined in the Commission’s Communication of 4 December 2006, to enable ENP partners to participate in Community agencies and Community programmes on their merits and where the legal bases so allow. (5) Ukraine has expressed its wish to participate in a number of Union programmes. (6) The specific terms and conditions, in particular financial contribution and reporting and evaluation procedures, regarding the participation of Ukraine in each particular programme should be determined in a Memorandum of Understanding between the Commission and the competent authorities of Ukraine,”

Agreement between the European Community and Ukraine on the facilitation of the issuance of visas,
18 December 2007
The agreement eases the procedures for issuing short-stay visas (up to 90 days) to Ukrainian citizens travelling to the Schengen Member States. The decision on issuing a visa has to be made within 10 calendar days. This period may be extended up to 30 days if further scrutiny is needed. In urgent cases the waiting period may be reduced to 2 days or less. A unified visa fee of 35EUR is introduced for both single and multiple-entry visas. The agreement exempts some groups of citizens from the visa fee entirely and simplifies conditions for issuing multiple-entry visas.

Joint Statement, EU-Ukraine Summit, Kiev,
4 December 2009

“The leaders agreed on the importance of promoting mobility between the EU and Ukraine and welcomed the progress in implementation of the Ukraine-EU visa facilitation and readmission. The leaders reviewed progress in the dialogue launched in 2008 with the aim of developing relevant conditions to establish a visa free regime as a long term perspective. They welcomed the report of the Senior Officials of 19th November to the Summit, noting progress made to-date, and endorsed the proposal to move to a structured visa dialogue focused on sequenced priorities of action and recommendations to the Ukrainian authorities.[…] The leaders welcomed the implementation and functioning of the local border traffic regime between Ukraine and Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, and encouraged all parties to make best use of the local border traffic regime in accordance with the EU acquis. The leaders also welcomed progress achieved in the negotiations on the EU-Ukraine Agreement on Common Aviation Area and encouraged the negotiators to finalise the negotiations at technical level at the next round as soon as possible.”

Joint Statement ,14th EU-Ukraine Summit, Brussels,
22 November 2010

“The leaders discussed the EU’s continuing support for Ukraine in particular through the Eastern Partnership and welcomed Ukraine’s active engagement in this initiative. They looked forward in particular to the start of Comprehensive Institution Building support to assist Ukraine in public administration reform and notably in the areas of state aids control, sanitary and phyto-sanitary control, migration and coordination of the legislative programme in Ukraine. They also discussed the preparation of the forthcoming Eastern Partnership Summit in May in Budapest.”