Posted on 28.11.2010 in Armenia, News

Armenia: 28.11.2010 Armenia to hold EU Visa-Facilitation Talks

Armenia says that next month it will begin negotiations with the European Union on the easing of visa procedures for Armenians seeking to travel to the EU.

The easing of the stringent visa rules would stem from Armenia’s inclusion in the EU’s Eastern Partnership program, which entitles Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine to closer political and economic partnership with the EU.The closer ties are due to be formalized by comprehensive Association Agreements between the EU and each of the states. Armenia and the EU launched the first round of association talks in July.

Parliament House, Yerevan, Armenia, photo by Arthur Chapman

Parliament House, Yerevan, Armenia, photo by Arthur Chapman

According to the Armenian Foreign Ministry, the first phase of preparations to the liberalization process will take up to two years, and simpler visa requirements introduced within this timeframe for businesspeople, students and academics will eventually apply to all Armenian nationals.

In order to manage large-scale immigration, earlier this year the EU introduced additional requirements for the citizens of Armenia and other ex-soviet countries, which plan to travel to the Schengen zone. Schengen visa seekers already had to submit to the consulate a long list of documents, including information on their employment, monthly income, and bank statements.


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