Posted on 09.11.2010 in Belarus, News

Belarus: 09.11.2010 Border Agreement with Latvia ratified

The President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers signed an agreement on local border traffic between Latvia and Belarus. The ratification process in Belarus has not yet been started.

Foreign Ministers of Latvia and Belarus signed the agreement on 23 August 2010 in Riga. The ratification process on the Latvian side was concluded on 9 November, with the signature of president Zatlers.

Latvia and Riga flags; photo by Fredrik Rubensson

Latvia and Riga flags; photo by Fredrik Rubensson

Similar agreement was signed and ratified by Poland on 22 June. Nevertheless, neither of them have been so far examined by the House of Representatives of Belarus. To complete the ratification, the agreement will still need a resolution of the Council of the Republic and the signature of president Alexander Lukashenko.