Posted on 26.11.2010 in News, Ukraine

Ukraine: 26.11.2010 Visa free travel to the EU threatened by the lack of funds for passports

The Ministry of Finances of Ukraine cannot pay for biometric passports. The lack of funds threatens to withhold the introduction of visa free travel to the EU.

Since the Ministry of Finance is unable to find sufficient funds to prepare and issue new passports, it seeks alternative sources of funding. Introducing biometric passports is crucial to the short-term visa free policy for the Ukrainians. The EU considers signing with Ukraine a separate, temporary Action Plan related to the transition to biometric IDs. A biometric passport will be indispensable for a visa free travel in the future, the EU reminds.

Ukrainian Passport; photo by Strooks-traveller1

Ukrainian Passport; photo by Strooks-traveller1

Source: Pravda