Posted on 15.12.2010 in Armenia, News

Armenia: 15.12.2010 Armenia to relax visa requirements with EU next year

Gunnar Wiegand spoke in Yerevan about his hopes that negotiations on relaxation of the visa regime for Armenia could begin next year.

Liberalization of visas between the EU and Armenia is a rather long process and it is preceded by relaxation of visa requirements providing for reduction in visa application fees from 60 € to 30 €, said Gunnar Wiegand, European Commission’s Director for Eastern Europe, the Southern Caucasus and Central Asia, attold a press conference in Yerevan. However, facilitations would apply only to certain groups, such as diplomats, employees of the international agencies and frequent travellers to the EU. Mr. Wiegand hopes that negotiations on the relaxed visa regime would begin next year.

Republic Square, Yerevan; photo by Arthur Chapman

Republic Square, Yerevan; photo by Arthur Chapman

The liberalization of visa regime between Armenia and the EU will providefor visa-free short-term visa-free entry into the EU states for Armenian citizens, but without the possibility of free travel on the entire EU territory.