Posted on 31.12.2010 in Armenia, News

Armenia: 31.12.2010 Armenian Foreign Minister, Eduard Nalbandyan: Armenia aims at abolition of the visa regime with the EU

Eduard Nalbandyan, the Foreign Minister of Armenia announced that Armenia aims to close negotiations with the EU as quickly as possible in order to move forward towards the abolition of the visa regime.

He remarked that lifting visa regime might not be possible in immediate future, but it remains a priority for Armenia. According to Mr. Nalbandyan, since the beginning of negotiations on the Association Agreement in the framework of the Eastern Partnership in July to this day, three stages of negotiations, and seven meetings of working groups have been held, which marks a significant progress.

Eduard Nalbandyan, source: Wikipedia

Eduard Nalbandyan, source: Wikipedia

“We began the negotiations in 14 directions, and today, within five-six months, negotiations in 9 directions, have already been completed. This suggests that the negotiations are progressing effectively and indicates our very close position with the EU on many issues,” said Mr. Nalbandyan, adding that the signing of the Association Agreement will create a new legal basis and intensify the relations between Armenia and the EU.