Posted on 22.02.2011 in News, Ukraine

Ukraine: 22.02.2011 The Israel Border Police Sent 100 Ukrainians Home

Shortly after the visa free travel had been launched, the Israel Border Police stopped ca. 100 Ukrainians on the border

The Israeli claim that the Ukrainians could not produce documents confirming their solvency, presence of their relatives in the country and business or friendly relations with the citizens of Israel. Ukrainian citizens who plan to visit Israel should verify their invitations, confirm hotel or trip reservations and hold a return ticket. Duration of visa free stay in Israel should not exceed 90 days within each 180 days. “Citizens of one country entering the other country which signed the agreement are bound by the law of the country they are visiting. The same goes for the papers confirming the purpose of the visit: invitation from a natural person or legal personality with their contact information, a return ticket or other relevant documentation. Medical insurance and proof of solvency is also required, all of which will facilitate passport control and customs procedure in Israel,” said the spokesperson for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Old Israeli stamps; Source: Wikipedia

Old Israeli stamps; Source: Wikipedia

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Kostyantyn Gryshchenko signed on 21 July 2010 an agreement between Ukraine and Israel on visa free travel, which came into power on 9 February 2011.