Posted on 23.02.2011 in News, Ukraine

Ukraine: 23.02.2011 Polish Consulate in Lviv refused issue of 7 700 visas.

Polish Consulate-General in Lviv issued in 2010 approximately 250 000 visas to Ukrainian citizens. Most of them were Schengen visas.

Lviv, photo by Kpiela, Wikipedia

Lviv, photo by Kpiela, Wikipedia

The Consulate-General of Poland in Lviv issued in 2010 248 943 visas, including 151 521 Schengen and 97 309 national, as well as transit and other types of visas. This year’s number are lower to 2009, when approximately 300 000 visas were issued.

The Consulate announced also that 7 723 applications has been rejected. The primary reason for refusal were unreliable documents confirming the purpose of the visit. However, from 1 March 2011 Poland will reduce the fee for Polish national visa from 35 EUR to 20 EUR.