Posted on 04.03.2011 in News, Ukraine

Ukraine: 04.03.2011 A Million Schengen Visas Issued to Ukranians in 2010

Last year Ukrainian citizens were granted over one million Schengen visas, one third of them free of charge.

Schengen visa; Source: Wikipedia

Schengen visa; Source: Wikipedia

The European Union highlights the increase in number of Schengen and national visas (including long term stay and free ones), issued to the Ukrainian citizens in 2010. According to preliminary data, over one million visas were issued last year and over half of them free of charge. Only 3% of all applicants were refused a visa.

In January President Yanukovych expressed his support for the visa-free travel between Ukraine and the EU during Euro 2012. On 22 November 2010 Ukraine has adopted an Action Plan outlined by the EU, which should be carried out by Ukraine in order to establish visa free regime for short stay travel.

In April 2010 Ukraine and the European Union expressed their will to elaborate in detail procedures of issuing visas to the citizens of Ukraine in relation to the new EU Visa Code which became applicable on 5 April 2010.