Posted on 11.03.2011 in News, Ukraine

Ukraine: 11.03.2011 Czech Republic Sets Quotas for Ukrainian Visas

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic has established a quota for issuing visas by their consulate and travel agencies in Lviv.

New regulations allow each Ukrainian travel agency to send no more than 20 visa applications a week. According to the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consulate-General in Lviv has listed 24 accredited travel agencies. South Bohemian central travel agency objects strongly to these restrictions, saying that such measures are too severe for tourists from Ukraine visiting the Czech Republic. Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs has introduced quotas to maintain standards of security and to give the Consulate enough time to process the application in accordance with the law.

Flag of the Czech Republic; Source: Wikipedia

Flag of the Czech Republic; Source: Wikipedia

Source: Delo