Posted on 19.05.2011 in Belarus, News

Belarus: 19.05.2011 Liberalisation for tourists?

The government of Belarus is considering visa facilitations for foreign tourists, according to Deputy Prime Minister.


Anatoly Tozik, Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus, was answering questions from the readers of ‘Narodnaya Gazeta’ concerning Belarusian policy. One of them,  Nicholas Smalkovsky from Grodno, asked whether there are plans to lower the cost of entry visa to Belarus. According to Mr. Tozik such a move would be profitable for the country, since tourists would leave in Belarus more money, than the visa fee. He mentioned that the government is looking into the issue and considering unilateral facilitation of the visa regime for the tourists wishing to visit the country.

Hotel “Tourist” in Minsk, photo by Hanna Zelenko

Hotel “Tourist” in Minsk, photo by Hanna Zelenko

Source:  Narodnaya Gazeta