06.07.2011: Polish Prime Minister presented priorities of Polish Presidency in the EP

Polish Prime Minister  presented the priorities of the Polish presidency in the EU Council at the European Parliament. 



photo by Grzegorz Rogiñski/CIR

photo by Grzegorz Rogiñski/CIR

Prime Minister Tusk said that “the European Parliament is first and foremost the institution and the site which never lacked the confidence in the sense of united Europe”. He recalled that the European Parliament worked strenuously on the unification of Europe by encouraging changes and reforms in the states of Eastern Europe after 1989 and supporting the enlargement of the EU.

Open Europe will be one of the priorities of Polish presidency.  As the Prime Minister said “These six months will also mean – and I believe in it strongly – progress in talks with those aspiring to be a part of Europe. This also means Europe open to those who will never find a  place for themselves in our community but who will share significant values of the  Community and who have demonstrated it in recent months – I am talking about Europe’s southern neighbours. The Eastern Partnership, completion of Croatia’s accession process by signing a treaty, association agreement with Ukraine, well-thought-out aid to those demanding  freedom and democracy in Northern Africa – these are all the tasks which may also strengthen  the European Union itself if carried out properly.”

Source: The speech of the Prime Minister
photo by pl2011.eu