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20.07.2011 Visa regime to be simplified between EU and Azerbaijan

Negotiations on the simplification of the visa regime between the EU and Azerbaijan will begin in autumn, said Vugar Bayramov, national coordinator of the EU Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum in Azerbaijan.

photo by Wikipedia
photo by Wikipedia

According to dr. Vugar Bayramov, documents on visa liberalisation are being prepared by the European Comission with intent to introduce before long simplified regime or even visa-free short time travel to the EU for Azerbaijani citizens.

Center for Economic and Social Development in Baku is a member of the project, a program of PASOS (Policy Association for an Open Society) and the Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative (LGI) of the Open Society Foundations. CESD, chaired by dr. Bayramov, had implemented a project concerning visa liberalisation, which included presenting recommendations subsequently adopted by the government. Work is being continued to introduce in near future simplified system of issuing visas to foreigners as well as visa application online and through travel agentcies.

Dr. Bayramov expressed his hopes, that the liberalisation of the visa regime between Armenia and the EU will contribute to the development of relations and investments in non-oil sector of Azerbaijani economy.


Source: CESD