Posted on 12.07.2011 in Belarus, News

Belarus 29.06.2011 Local border traffic agreement ratified by Lithuania

Lithuanian Parliament ratified the agreement on local border traffic for borderland citizens of Belarus and Lithuania, which had been signed in October 2010.


Druskonis lake, Lithuania, photo by UmR, Wikipedia

Druskonis lake, Lithuania, photo by UmR, Wikipedia


The agreement enables border citizens to cross borders on the basis of a special permit, which allows them to reside in the limited area of the neighbouring country for up to 90 days within six months.

Permits valid for five years will be issued to permanent citizens of border areas with relatives across the border, those who have economic, business or cultural ties, or have another important reason to visit adjacent country. The permit will cost 20 EUR.

It is important to note, that such a permit does not give the right to work.

The agreement will include citizens of Vilnius, Ignalin, Varena, Druskininkai, Grodno, Lida and Ashmyany.

Source: Radio Racja