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22.07.2011 Moldova modifies rules of entry

Amendment to the bill on state borders approved recently in Moldova introduces more strict rules of entry to the country for foreigners.

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The parliament of Moldova approved on July 22 the new bill on state borders at the first reading. The bill introduces more strict rules of entering the country: visitors will be required to present an invitation, along with hotel booking confirmation, return tickets and other documents confirming the purpose of their visit. In addition they will need to carry at least 300 EUR.

However, on July 27, Moldova’s Border Agency announced that new, stricter requirements will not apply to the citizens of CIS states or the EU. Moreover, these changes are in accordance with the Moldova-EU Action Plan with regard to harmonisation of the Moldovan laws with the European legislation.

Dumitru Diacov, Honorable Chairman of the Democratic Party, assures that panic in the media was unnecessary, since the rules have long existed and are now only being formalised. He added, that Moldova is only doing everything to ensure the safety of state borders and “make our territory fully safe – in a sense that it cannot be used as a transit area for illicit entering the European Union”.

The amendment is expected to be approved at the second reading.

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