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Polish President signs amnesty for illegal immigrants

Polish President Bronisław Komorowski signed today a new bill on immigrants adopted by Polish Sejm on July 28.

Bronisław Komorowski, photo by Wojciech Grzedzinski
Bronisław Komorowski, photo by Wojciech Grzedzinski

New regulations concerning immigrants were adopted by Polish Sejm in July and will enter into force at the beginning of 2012. They are the most liberal to date and will allow, among others, legalisation of residence for immigrants who had been staying in Poland since 2007. Previous amnesty required a proof that an immigrant had spent 10 years in the country as well as a work permit and ownership of an apartment.

‘Poland as a constantly developing country is a very attractive destination for immigrants and this why we need to plan appropriate immigration policy,’ said President Komorowski.

This is the third amnesty for illegal immigrants, which according to the President shows the need for a systemic solutions regulating the right of residence in Poland and he will be encouraging the new government to seek one. ‘We want Poland to be an open, hospitable country, friendly for people seeking perspectives for a better life,’ he added.

Source: Polska