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Belarus after the EaP summit

Belarusian officials decided not to participate in the Second Eastern Partnership Summit, which was held in Warsaw at the end of September. Separately from the relevant statement issued by the Belarusian Foreign Minister, President Aleksandr Lukashenko commented on the decision.

Belarusian foreign minister Siarhei Martynau issued a statement in which the lack of invitation to President Lukashenka and the limitation of Belarusian delegation were called a discrimination. Mr. Martynau himself was invited to the summit as the highest ranking official not on the EU travel ban list, but in the end Belarus decided to pull out of the Summit entirely.
Minsk warned that decisions undertaken without their participation and direct approval would not be recognised.

Meanwhile, the Summit was the occasion for Belarusian opposition activists to meet with European politicians, including Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel, and the president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy. Oppositionists were reportedly harrased by the police on their return to the country after the summit.


EaP logo by Imagina

EaP logo by Imagina

After the end of the Summit, during a press conference for the Russian media Lukashenko called Poland “a ringleader” of the EaP initiative and mentioned the Summit together with the Card of the Pole as political provocations on the part of Poland and resented not having been invited as a head of state. Belarusian President stated however, that he does not intend to be at odds with “a fellow Slavic nation”.

During the Summit, 27 EU Member States adopted declaration condemning disregard for democracy, the rule of law and human rights in Belarus. Declaration was not endorsed by the EaP partner countries, for which Belarusian President expressed his gratitude.

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