Posted on 29.01.2012 in News, Ukraine

Ukraine stands before the second phase of the EC Action Plan on visa facilitation.

The European Commission drew attention to the lack of progress in implementing the tasks of the Ukraine Action Plan on visa liberalization.

On January 12 the Deputy Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin submitted a letter addressed to the Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Klyuev. In this document Klimkin notes that the Ukrainian MFA along with European Union is preparing the second evaluation of Ukraine’s progress in implementing the First phase of Ukraine Action Plan on visa regime limitation.

“In this context, the European Commission and the European External Action Service pay attention to the lack of progress in the implementation of several key challenges remaining within the framework of the first phase of the plan, which could negatively affect the content of the final version of the second assessment.” – says Klimkin.

According to him, European officials have documented difficulties in three fields: adopting the acts which introduces biometric documents for traveling abroad, establilshes  separate anti-corruption agency, approving the strategy to fight against discrimination in Ukraine and adopting separate anti-discrimination law.

European officials outline that the completion of the first phase of Ukraine Action Plan assessment and the time of its transition to the second phase will depend on those tasks implementation  pace and completeness.

All three points, where the European Commission has documented lack of progress, are in the the competence of the Ministry of Justice. According to presidential decree, the Ministry should have submitted a draft law on the specially authorized agency on anti-corruption policy till December 1, 2011. In addition, the Ministry of Justice appeared the main lobbyist for the law of biometric passports veto.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda