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The second progress reports on visa-liberalisation for Ukraine and Moldova published by EC

The European Commission delivered its second Progress Report on the implementation of the Action Plans on visa liberalisation by Ukraine and Moldova.

The first evaluating Progress was presented to Ukraine in September, 2011. It included the assessment of changes, occurred in Ukraine in the frame of the EU-Ukraine visa dialogue until July 8, 2011. The second EU evaluation report on the implementation by Ukraine the Action Plan on Visa Liberalisation reflects the progress achieved until November 2011. The Progress report acknowledges both the achievements and shortcomings in implementation of the first phase benchmarks of the policy framing work in the context of the VLAP accomplishment.

The EC indicates in its report that as soon as Ukraine shall take necessary measures requested by the EC report, the Commission services and EEA will present an updated report. Moreover, in the context of the VLAP, the EU is going to present a wider assessment of possible migratory and security impacts for the EU in case of abolishment of visas for Ukrainians. Thus the decision to initiate theassessment of the second set of benchmarks will be built upon the correlation between the conclusions of the updated report and of the “assessment of possible migratory and security impact”.

EWB will issue its analysis of the Report on Ukraine very soon. In particular, experts are going to compare the results of civic  monitoring with the results ofEuropean Commission’s second evaluation report on the Ukrainian implementation of the Action Plan on visa liberalisation.

Source: Europe Without Barriers

The joint staff working documents are available here: Moldova, Ukraine.