Posted on 20.04.2012 in Belarus, News

Belarusians to Get Passport when 14 Years Old

According to the presidential decree №197 of April 19, the mandatory age for obtaining a passport is reduced in Belarus. Now the passport will be issued to the Belarusians when they are not 16 but 14 years old.

The Administration of the President explains that the document also makes several other amendments to the list of administrative procedures undertaken by the government agencies and other organizations on the petitions, a list which was approved by the decree №200 on April 26, 2010.

The presidential administration notes that the new decree is intended to facilitate the solution of the maximum daily issues related to administrative procedures. The decree will come into force three months after official publication.

In particular, the decree gives the right to foreign nationals, temporarily residing in Belarus, as well as to the Belarusian citizens, permanently living abroad, to receive and exchange the driving license and stamp to it, as well as not to register vehicles to a personal name.

Foreigners, permanently residing in Belarus, are also permitted to acquire and retain civilian arms and ammunition for hunting.

Foreigners, temporarily residing in Belarus, are permitted to purchase civilian weapons and ammunition in Belarus, as well as to import and export it from the country.

In addition, a new decree provides for an expedited state registration of immovable property, rights and deals with it for an extra fee.

The decree abolishes a number of administrative procedures (authorization for the purchase of radio-electronic means, a certificate of registration of zoological collections). At the same time new administrative procedures are introduced, such as the authorization for state registration of the inherited garden shed or garage, expert’s identification on hunting trophies and so on

Presidential decree abolishes fees for a number of administrative procedures (for example, registration of a permanent residence abroad for citizens of Belarus who are under 14 years of age), while other procedures’ fees are going to be reduced (in particular, apostille, re-issuance of certificate of registration of an act of civil state).