Posted on 10.04.2012 in Featured, News, Russia, Ukraine

Ukraine started demarcation of land border with Russia

After more than twenty years from the declaration of independence, Ukraine has acceded to the demarcation of the common land border with Russia – Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reported.

Demarcation of borders with Russia and Belarus is one of the conditions that Ukraine must fulfill to liberalize the visa regime with the European Union. No fixed line of demarcation means that the borders are leakyand foster illegal immigration. Determination of the Ukrainian-Russian border  specialists of both countries have began on Tuesday, April 3 – says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Section of the land border between Ukraine and Russia counts 1974 km.

Ukrainian-Russian treaty on the state border was signed in 2003 and then ratified by the parliaments of two countries in 2004. In May 2010, an agreement on the demarcation ofthe common border was signed in Kiev by presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Viktor Yanukovych.