Posted on 15.06.2012 in Belarus, News

Border Committee decided to remain silent

SBC gives no comments on trial against belarusian border guard in Poland.

The State Border Committee of Belarus does not comment on the information of the Polish media about the trial against the 47-year-old Major of the State Border Committee in Poland. This was reported to Telegraf by SBC spokesmanĀ Aleksander Tishchenko. He says the SBC is currently verifying the information.

According to Telegraf, the Court of Lublin received the case of a 47-year-old Major of the State Border Committee of Belarus, Alexander P. from Minsk. He is suspected of aiding illegal migrants, mostly from Asian countries, to across the Belarusian-Polish border by ferry. The Polish prosecutors believe that the Belarusian is involved in the transfer of about 1.3 thousand Asians to Poland. He is charged with 12 crimes.

The official says that the Polish Prosecutor’s Office appealed to the Belarusian colleagues about the two alleged accomplices of Alexander P., as well as the frontier officers, but received no reply.