Posted on 30.07.2012 in Featured, Moldova, News

Moldovan citizens to travel to the EU without visas by 2013

The Moldovan citizens are likely to travel to the European Union without visas by mid-2013, Deputy Prime Minister, Iurie Leanca said today.

At a news conference, Leanca noted that he is sure that Moldova will manage to meet the needed conditions to enjoy a visa free regime with the EU by the middle of the next year.

As for the earlier statements by the foreign minister, saying that he will resign from office if the Moldovans are not able to travel to the EU without visas till late 2012, Iurie Leanca said he will keep his promise.

“At the end of December, I will visit the prime minister to present by application on resignation. Not the fact of resignation is the one that matters for me and the citizens, but when could they get this regime, which they deserve for a long time,” Leanca said.

In late June 2012, the European Commission decided to advance Moldova to the second phase of the dialogue on visa regime’s liberalization.

Source: Moldpres