Posted on 13.08.2012 in Armenia, News

Lithuania will represent Denmark when issuing Schengen Visas in Yerevan

On August 15, the agreement on the reciprocal representation for the issue of Schengen visas between Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Denmark will enter into force, under which Lithuania will represent Denmark in Yerevan, the capital of the Republic of Armenia.

According to this agreement, the Armenian citizens wishing to travel to Denmark, should apply for the issuance of a Schengen visa in the Embassy of Lithuania in Yerevan. In Armenia, Lithuania also represents consular interests of Estonia, Spain and Hungary.This agreement will also extend consular representation in the Kaliningrad Region, where Lithuania is representing Denmark since 2009. Lithuania also represents Belgium, Estonia, Norway and Finland when issuing visas to the residents of the Kaliningrad.

Denmark is representing Lithuania when issuing Schengen visas in Vietnam. There is no Lithuanian Embassy in this country; therefore, the Vietnamese citizens should submit their visa application at the Danish diplomatic mission. In those States, where Lithuania does not have its own diplomatic representations, agreements on consular representation with other Schengen States for Schengen visa issuance are concluded, in order to facilitate the submission of applications for foreigners subject to visa requirements.

Similar agreements are as well concluded with Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Spain, Latvia, Norway, the Netherlands, France, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Hungary and Germany. Currently, Lithuania is represented in 64 countries across the world. Lithuania is representing other Schengen States in 13 countries.