Posted on 01.09.2012 in Featured, News, Ukraine

Teixeira: Ukraine implementing action plan on visa facilitation with EU too slowly

Head of the EU Delegation in Ukraine Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira has said Ukraine is implementing the Action Plan on the liberalization of its visa regime with the EU too slowly. 

“We have a process of liberalization of the visa regime, we have an action plan that clearly states what steps are needed for the introduction of a visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU. However, Ukraine unfortunately is not moving in this direction as fast as it could. Moldova, for example, has already moved to the second phase of the implementation of the visa facilitation action plan, while Ukraine is still at the first phase,” he said in an exclusive interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

Teixeira expressed hope that the Ukrainian government will be more active in implementing the action plan to liberalize the visa regime, so that in the future the EU could cancel visas for Ukrainians.

According to annual statistics, the number of visas issued to Ukrainians is increasing, the ambassador said.

He also denied media reports that the current problems in the relations between Ukraine and the EU affected the situation with the issuing of visas to Ukrainians.

“I want to deny it categorically. In fact, we want to continue to move towards visa facilitation, and strongly encourage the Ukrainian government to pursue the action plan more actively,” the European diplomat said.

Source: KyivPost