Posted on 06.10.2012 in Azerbaijan, Featured, News

“Speed of visa negotiations with EU depends on Azerbaijan’s political will”

The negotiations on easing visa regime with the EU and talks on readmission depend on the political will of the partner country.

The statement came from head of the EU delegation in Azerbaijan Roland Kobia. “Negotiations with some of the countries proceed  quickly and they are more slowly with others”, he said. “If Azerbaijan is ready to proceed at a high pace in negotiations on easing visa regime and readmission, the process may be accelerated. This is the issue of a political will”.

The second round of negotiations on easing visa regime between EU and Azerbaijan is expected soon. Negotiations started in March of this year.

The proposed measures on easing procedure of visa issuance for the Azerbaijani citizens envisage the shorter list of necessary documents, possibility of issuance of many-time visas with a long term of action, reduced cost of visa for separate categories of citizens, definition of terms for visa issuance, as well as possible non-visa entry to the EU  countries for the diplomatic passports holders.

The cost of visa will be reduced from EUR 60 to EUR 30-35. Visa may become free for separate categories of citizens-students and businessmen.

Soruce: CESD