EC wants to facilitate the issuance of schengen visas

The European Commission has announced changes in visa policies to improve the economic situation in the EU.

“Facilitating issuance of visas to Europe for those who arrive legally, who has no problems with security, can only strengthen our position as the most attractive place for tourists, which is very desirable for our economy,” – said Commissioner Cecilia Malmström Interior.

Brussels seeks to facilitate and to the maximum degree simplify the procedure for issuing visas by making simpler application forms and more.

According to the European Commission last year, Ukrainian citizens were bilshe1 million 100 thousand visas to the Schengen area. Thus, Ukraine ranked second by the number of issued Schengen visas. In the first place – Russia with more than 5 million 200 thousand visas, and the third was China with more than 1 million visas.

The top three countries whose nationals are often denied visas to the Schengen area, entered Algeria (27.4% failure), Iran (16.9%) and Tunisia (13.4%). The owners of Ukrainian passports were denied in 3.3% of cases. In rare cases issuing Schengen visas were denied to citizens of Belarus (0.5%), South Africa (1.0%) and Russia (1.5%).

Source: Європейський Простір