Posted on 25.02.2013 in Georgia, News

Cecilia Malmström handed in Action Plan to Maia Panjikidze within visa dialogue

European Commissioner for Homeland Affairs Cecilia Malmström handed in the action plan in the framework of visa dialogue to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Maia Panjikidze.

As Panjikidze said after the meeting, Georgia perceives the visit of the European Commissioner for Home Affairs in Georgia as further confirmation of political support to Georgia. She said that Georgia is given the opportunity to move to the next stage of visa regime with EU and start meeting commitments according to the legislative phase of the action plan.

Panjikidze said visa free perspective is of strategic importance for Georgian citizens, which is the fundamental element in increasing contacts between the people and is an effective mechanism of being close to the EU.

“I think Georgia has advanced quite a lot in visa liberalization. I want to confirm the readiness of the Georgian party to timely fulfill the criteria for visa dialogue and carry out reforms in the corresponding direction. I also want to confirm that the European integration remains the key priority of Georgia’s foreign policy. The new government of Georgia took commitment to create strong democratic state, which will be based on the European values”, Maia Panjikidze said.

She said effectively carried out events will determine the launch of the visa free regime with the EU in the future. Panjikidze voiced hope that the European party will properly evaluate Georgia’s endeavor.

As for a future plan, it consists of two phases – legislative and operative. It means reforms in document security, border control, migration, public order and security, human rights.

Source: Georgia Online