Posted on 22.03.2013 in EU and the Eastern Partnership, News, Russia

Around 6 million Schengen visas issued in Russia in 2012

According to the information, provided by EU Member States, around 6 million Schengen visas were issued in Russia in 2012. Approximately half of them were multi-entry, refusal rate is below 1%. 

Schengen visa statistics for Russia was made public on the website of European Commission’s Directorate General for Home Affairs:

  • Last year Schengen countries issued 5.94 million visas in Russia (5.15 million in 2011) – i.e. a year-to-year increase of 15%;
  • The rate of multiple-entry visas increased from 47,3% in 2011 to 48,9% in 2012; 
  • The refusal rate decreased from1,5% in 2011 to 0,9% in 2012.

Russia is the main location for Schengen visa issuance: 41,7% of all Schengen visas (over 14 million) were issued in Russia in 2012 (39% in 2011).

Source: Delegation of the European Union to Russia