Posted on 19.03.2013 in Belarus, News, Ukraine

Belarus, Ukraine, Poland ink intergovernmental agreement on border junction

Heads of the border services of Belarus, Ukraine, and Poland Mr Alexander Boyechko, Mr Nikolai Litvin, and Mr Domenic Tracz signed an intergovernmental agreement on the point of junction of the state borders of the three countries in the Ukrainian city of Lutsk on 14 March, representatives of the State Border Committee of Belarus told BelTA.

The signing of the document was the end of the trilateral negotiations on determining the point. The signing will allow demarking the junction of the state borders. The junction is located at the crossing of the line that goes along the middle of the Zapadny Bug River and the line that is the continuation of the southern shoulder of the Mostitsky Canal, said the source.

The junction is located near the populated locality Tomashovka, Brest Oblast. There are plans to mark it with a border sign with the name Bug. For Belarus it is the last point at the border with Poland and with member states of the European Union that will be completed as far as international legal relations are concerned once the demarking work is done. The demarking will allow ruling out territorial claims and allusions in demarking matters. It will secure good neighborly relations, stability and security not only in the neighboring countries but the entire region, BelTA has been told.

Now a joint commission set by the three governments within three months will be busy organizing the marking of the border junction in the field.

The State Border Committee also told BelTA that the junction with the Latvian and Lithuanian border was established on 29 June 2011. The junction was named Lyudvinovo. The junction Marykha with the state borders of Lithuania and Poland was established on 30 May 2012. The junction Neveritsa with the borders of Latvia and Russia was completed on 6 December 2012. At present consultations are underway to discuss the possible content and the level of signing the agreement between the governments of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine on the junction point of the three state borders.