Posted on 25.03.2013 in EU and the Eastern Partnership, News, Ukraine

GRECO recognizes Ukraine’s compliance with its recommendations

The Council of Europe’s Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO) has acknowledged that Ukraine has fulfilled a number of its anti-corruption recommendations, according to the press service of the State Registration Service of Ukraine.

“Having analyzed the report, GRECO upgraded the performance rating and thus recognized the fulfillment of its recommendations concerning the development and implementation of anti-corruption strategy and the action plan for its implementation, as well as [the recommendations] to adopt public servants’ code of conduct and provide their training on prevention and combating corruption and professional ethics,” the press service quoted the head of the service Dmytro Vorona, who led the Ukrainian delegation.

At the GRECO meeting in Strasbourg, the Ukrainian delegation presented its third additional report on the country’s fulfillment of anti-corruption recommendations of this organization, which were made as a result of the first and the second joint rounds of evaluation.

“GRECO welcomes the involvement of the public in the evaluation of the implementation of the State Program on Prevention and Combating Corruption for 2011-2015 and the government’s plans for modifying the specified program based on the proposals of NGOs,” Vorona said.

GRECO was founded in 1999 as the multinational anti-corruption group, which currently unites 49 states.

Ukraine joined GRECO in 2006, after ratifying the Criminal Law Convention on Corruption. In 2007, GRECO produced the first report on Ukraine featuring 25 recommendations.

Source: Interfax-Ukraine