EU will facilitate visa regime with Azerbaijan in 2013

The outcomes of the last round of talks on easing visa regime between EU and Azerbaijan give the grounds to expect the signing of the relevant agreement in 2013. Th statement came from Ambassador Roland Kobia, the head of the EU delegation in Baku.

“We only need to coordinate some insignificant issues. However, there are already grounds to suppose that the agreement on easing visa regime and readmission will be signed with Azerbaijan by the end of this year”, Kobia told a news conference on Wednesday.

The last meeting of the sides on discussing visa procedures was held in Brussels in mid March. According to the ambassador, the discussions with the Azerbaijani negotiator on this issue, Deputy Foreign Minister Mahmud Mammadquliyev were quite effective.

The proposed measures on easing the procedures of visa issuance to the citizens of Azerbaijan suggest the eased list of necessary documents, possible issuance of multiple visas with the long term of action, reduction of the cost of visa for separate categories of citizens, establishing terms of visa registration, as well as possible visa-free entry to the EU states for diplomatic passports owners.

The cost of visa will be reduced from EUR60 to EUR30-35. Visa may be free for separate groups of citizens-students, businessmen.

Source: CESD