Mr Neven Mimica named as Commissioner-designate for consumer protection

Mr Neven Mimica has today been named by Croatia as Commissioner-designate. President Barroso has met with Mr Mimica and has confirmed his agreement for Mr Mimica’s candidacy. President Barroso has indicated his intention to assign to Mr Mimica the portfolio of consumer protection.

After the necessary consultation of the European Parliament, the Council will appoint, by common accord with the President of the Commission, the new Commissioner, so as to allow him to take up his post on the 1st July 2013.

President Barroso said, “I am happy to announce the Commissioner-designate from our 28th Member State, Croatia. Neven Mimica is an experienced and committed European able to make an important contribution to the work of the European Commission, in particular in the critical field of consumer protection”.

Mr Neven Mimica is currently the Deputy Prime Minister for Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Croatia. He has a long-standing commitment to European integration with extensive experience as a Minister and diplomatic adviser.

A copy of Mr Mimica’s curriculum vitae is annexed to this press release.

Appointment Procedure

The procedure for the appointment of the new Commissioner is set out in the accession treaty between the European Union and Croatia. The new Commissioner is appointed by the Council by common accord with the President of the Commission, after consulting the European Parliament.

The portfolio of the new Commissioner is decided by the President of the Commission.

The framework agreement between the European Parliament and the Commission, namely its paragraph 6 is applicable by analogy. It provides that the President of the Commission will seriously consider the result of Parliament’s consultation before giving accord to the decision of the Council.

Source: European Commission