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Transition to second phase of visa liberalization with EU may start in November

Ukraine is planning to announce about the transfer to the second phase of fulfillment of the action plan on liberalization of the visa regime with the EU during the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius in November, deputy foreign minister Andriy Olefirenko said following a ceremonious unveiling of the memorable sign, dedicated to perpetuation of the joint Ukrainian-Lithuanian heritage – the Castle Place on the Castle Mountain (Zamkova Hora) in Kyiv.

“I was in Brussels two days ago at a meeting of senior officials within the frames of the Eastern Partnership initiative and met with Commissioner Stefan Fule, who in particular confirmed that we have to make this very important, but small, step in order that we could transfer to the second phase and, at least, announce about this at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius,” Olefirov said.

According to him, a necessary condition is adoption of the antidiscrimination law. “This is not anything extraordinary; this law was adopted by all the countries, which passed this way. When the parliament adopts this law, we could announce about the transfer to the second phase,” the diplomat added.


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