Armenia’s citizens can visit 55 countries without visa

The citizens of Armenia can visit 55 countries without visa requirements, and the country is ranked 72nd in the Visa Restrictions Index.

Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, and Mauritania have the same ranking with Armenia.

The new Visa Restrictions Index was prepared by Henley & Partners consulting firm, which analyzed 219 countries.

In line with the new index, the citizens of Finland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom can enter 173 countries without a visa, thus they are ranked first in the index.

The second are the citizens of Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, and the United States.

Russia is ranked 41st, as its citizens can visit 95 countries without visa requirements, whereas the citizens of Azerbaijan and Georgia can enter 56 and 60 countries, respectively, without a visa.


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