European Parliament may ratify agreement on visa facilitation with Armenia in October

In October the European Parliament may ratify the agreement on visa facilitation and readmission, head of EU delegation to Armenia Traian Hristea told Armenian

He noted that it is a package of agreements and one issue cannot enter into force separately without another.

“To my knowledge, very soon, in October the European parliament is going to ratify the issue,” he said.

On the one hand Armenia and the EU agreed to provide several categories of persons with faster terms of processing and issuing visas, but on the other hand it’s very important for both EU and Armenia to make sure that this mobility of persons is done in a safe and securely managed environment, Hristea said.

“We have with the EU quite important list of projects that are devoted to the mobility to build upon this partnership of mobility that we have with Armenian authorities, but also we do envisage in our future planning some assistance in the field of justice, which will focus of course on mobility issue,” EU Ambassador said.


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