Armenia Ratifies EU Visa Facilitation and Readmission Agreements

The National Assembly (NA) of Armenia on Monday ratified the agreements on visa facilitation and readmission with the European Union (EU). The NA adopted the respective decision unanimously, as all 108 MPs in attendance voted in its favor. The agreements shall enter into force one month after their ratification.

At the earlier NA hearings, MFA Europe Department Head Armen Liloyan had especially pointed to those groups of Armenian citizens that will benefit from the respective specified procedures.

Specifically, the representatives of Armenia’s official state delegations, those that have close relatives in EU countries, students, those that visit the EU for educational, academic, cultural, scientific and medical treatment purposes, journalists, and the participants in international sports events will be issued Schengen visas with facilitated procedures.

In addition, pensioners, children under 12 years of age, persons with disabilities and those escorting them, students, post-graduate students, journalists and some other groups will be issued Schengen visas at no cost, and the other groups will be issued these visas at substantially discounted fees.

Liloyan had also noted that the ratification of the Armenia-EU agreements on visa facilitation and readmission will enable to commence a dialogue with the EU, with respect to liberalization of the visa issuance procedure.

Speaking on the protocol concerning Armenia’s participation in the EU programs, Armen Liloyan had stated that the country’s government is examining this opportunity in three or four priority domains.


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