Association Agreement will be the Most Important Achievement and Legal Resolution says Georgian politician Kakha Kaladze

According to Kakha Kaladze’s evaluation, the most important achievement of the Association Agreement will be a legal resolution, implying to refine freedom of speech and legal base. As he stated, the document consolidates the obligations of the government toward the people.

He said after initialing the control will be stricter on medicaments and goods. As for visa liberalization, step by step we will go to non-visa regime. ,,Medicaments and goods will be strictly controlled. The quality of raw materials and its influence on ecology will be monitored. The legislative base will be corresponding to these requests,” – The Minister said. Kaladze said that the agreement will enact the more liberal and useful tariffs that the rules of WTO.

,,The agreement considers the important aid from the EU in sponsoring education and medical programs. As for visa liberalization, step by step we will go to non-visa regime.” – Kaladze explained.

The third summit of Eastern Partnership was held on November 28-29 in Vilnius, where the Association Agereement between Georgia and the EU was initialed.

The final signing is planned in Autumn, 2014.


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