EC Receives Direct Order to Urgently Deal with Visa Free Treaty for Ukrainians

A resolution of the European Parliament regarding Ukraine as of December 12 contains an order for the European Commission to speed up the negotiations on the introduction of the visa-free regime for the Ukrainian citizens, MP from Batkivschyna faction Borys Tarasiuk has said.

“In its resolution the European Commission has directly ordered [the commission] to immediately deal with visa-free agreement for the Ukrainians,” he said at the briefing at the National Resistance Headquarters on Thursday.

Besides, he said that the Ukrainian authorities “for three years have been getting nowhere fast” in terms of the further liberalization of the visa regime with the European Union.

“We haven’t even fulfilled the first stage yet, we still have no biometric passports, which Russia and Moldova have already got,” he said.

If Ukraine fulfills all of the necessary demands, theoretically a visa-free regime with the EU could be introduced for the citizens in late 2014 or early 2015, the lawmaker said.


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