Ukraine Finalizes First Stage of Visa Simplification with EU

The government continues to work on the visa regime simplification between Ukraine and the European Union. Our country must adopt two more laws to proceed to the next step in this direction, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reports.

“We still have two issues that we need to solve in the near future. First is the changes in legislation to combat corruption.

These changes are ready, and they have already been submitted to Verkhovna Rada. The second one – we found a compromise on the issue of discrimination. We have already agreed this option with the EU Commission. Hopefully, this bill will also be reviewed by the Parliament sometime in the middle of February,” Andriy Klyuyev, Secretary of National Security and Defense of Ukraine, said.

The National Security and Defense Council said a radical simplification of the EU visa regime for Ukraine should become a significant impetus for its European integration.

At the same time, President Viktor Yanukovych has emphasized that the visa regime liberalization with the EU is currently the most relevant for Ukrainian authorities. “Clearly, we will negotiate with our partners from the European Union as soon as possible to resolve the issue of the visa regime liberalization for Ukrainian citizens.

We are working on this issue,” said Yanukovych. Government analysts say that the basic requirements of the Euro commissioners are modern biometric passports, which store personal data on a special chip with name, photo, fingerprints or retina scans.

Also among the EU requirements are defended borders and improvement of human rights.


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