Ukrainian Politician Proposes to Continue Negations with the EU to Achieve Agreement on Visa Free Regime in 2014

A motion of no confidence in the government must be considered in presence of Cabinet’s member, MP of Ukraine and ex-speaker of the parliament Volodymyr Lytvyn told the press, ForUm’s correspondent reports.

“According to the procedure and regulations, the government must be present in the parliament, otherwise the court can decide on annulment of voting,” he said and added that if the parliament fails to dismiss the government due to lack of votes, this issues cannot be put for repeated consideration within the next half year.

“The government must answer for what has happened. People trusted in the authorities but were cheated on again. Current events are often compared with the revolution of 2004. But I must say that current events are more radical. The new generation becomes more radical, and politicians must be one step ahead to control the situation,” he said and warned that if the problems are not solved, the situation may result in violence, and both the authorities and opposition will be responsible for this.

As one of the solutions Lytvyn proposes to continue negations with the EU and agreement on visa free regime already in 2014, providing that Ukraine fulfils all obligations. “The whole Ukrainian society will support such move, I am sure,” he said.


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