Visa Facilitation Between Azerbaijan and the EU is Clearly a Positive Step

The participation of President Ilham Aliyev in the EU summit in Vilnius is a clear and serious message to Europe that Baku is a supporter of European integration and is not interested in slowing down the process, head of the European Movement Azerbaijan Ramin Hajili has told

He noted that today it is the European states that serve as a model for all developing countries.

“Each of the states of Europe has its own specifics, but they all have a similar model of state-building. That is why in the end, our republic should fully learn the European model of statehood,” said the head of the European Movement Azerbaijan.

As for fears of loss of mental traits of this or that people in the process of European integration, according to Hajili, such assertions are unfounded.

“For example, the mentality of the Italians and Spaniards in many ways is similar to the mentality of Azerbaijanis, and they maintain and increase their cultural and national traditions. That is, the closer it is to Europe, it can only bring benefit and contribute to the prosperity of the inhabitants of Azerbaijan,” he said.

“As for the EU summit in Vilnius, it is already known that as part of it, an agreement on simplification of visa regime with Azerbaijan was signed,” said Hajili.

“I like any citizen of Azerbaijan can only rejoice this circumstance. Long queues in front of visa offices at European embassies in Baku have become commonplace, as well as bureaucratic delays associated with the requirement of diplomatic missions to provide a variety of different instruments. As a result, part of our citizens simply do not have time for the activities carried out in European countries , or refuse to travel, even those who have been associated with treatment in Europe. In this regard, the simplification of visa regime between Azerbaijan and the EU is definitely a positive step,” he stressed.


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