Greece Proposes to Facilitate Visa Regime for Ukrainians

Greece, holding EU presidency, will submit proposals on visa regime facilitation for citizens of the third countries to the European Union in mid-March, minister for tourism Olga Kefaloyanni said on Monday.”The priority of the Greek EU presidency is to show that tourism should be an integral part of the EU development policy. This refers not only to Greece and the southern countries, but the whole of Europe,” newspaper “Nea” quoted Kefaloyanni.

“Greece will propose to revise the Visa Code to remove bureaucratic barriers for citizens of the third countries, such as Ukrainians, Russians, Turks, Chinese, who need a visa for entry into Europe. We should facilitate their entry into our country,” the minister explained.

According to her, marine and cruise tourism is especially important for the Greek and European economy, and the Tourism Ministry will organize a conference on this topic on March 10-11.

“We are interested in winter tourism and ski centers to solve infrastructure problems. We will help local efforts to develop such tourism forms as rural, ecological, pilgrim and spa tourism,” Kefaloyanni said.


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